Newsletter – July 2016


Happy July!

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This month is about our stories. If you’ve been a reader for any amount of time, you know I’m passionate about people’s stories. I heard a podcast interview with poet Lemm Sissay recently and he talked about story. I couldn’t resist sharing some of his thoughts.

The recipe is for the easiest lemon cookies you can imagine. They’re almost cake-like and scrumptious and yummy and delicious. The recipe was given to me by a lovely lady who used to volunteer for me at the radio station years ago. Enjoy!




Tea Fun!

I got to have a lovely tea this month. My friend, Toyla, created a tea for my political campaign. I’m running for the Kansas House and this was a fundraiser.

It was a really lovely afternoon with interesting conversation with great ladies.

A few months ago Toyla hosted a bridal shower tea for a mutual friend and that’s what gave me the idea. I knew it would be lovely. We joke that Toyla is our own local Martha Stewart. Of course, she outdid herself with a marvelous spread of goodies.

I had not planned to wear a hat that day, but then one of the other ladies mentioned hats and I couldn’t resist. I had just rediscovered this vintage hat so I had to pull it out for the occasion. After all, how many chances do I get to wear netting? Not many, I can tell you!

And, for the record, people look at you funny when you pump gas dressed like this.




Shakespeare in the Park

Other fun things this month included Hutchinson’s first Shakespeare in the Park production. It was so, so fun!

I love it when people have an idea and just jump in to make it happen! That’s exactly how this production came to be.

As a result of the dedication of a small group of folks, the community got to enjoy two nights of wonderful fun. I confess I’m not overly familiar with the Bard’s work, but this was delightful.

I’m already hoping they make it an annual production.





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