Newsletter – August 2016


Summer is Marching Ahead

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I have been enjoying the fresh fruit and vegetables of summer. We are fortunate to have a Farmers’ Market twice a week. It’s one of my regular stops!

This month is about connections and how important they are. On the website I’ve shared a couple of photos of me with friends at various places. In these days of nonstop selfies, I confess I have more good intentions than I do actual photographs. But, I’ve been a little better this month!

Tea, Art and More in Oklahoma City

My friend Jocelyn and I sent a few days in Oklahoma City this month. We wanted to see the Matisse exhibit at the Museum of Art there and it was worth the trip.

We kicked off our short visit with tea at my favorite tea place there. We had a leisurely tea and then did a little shopping before going to the National Memorial.
The next day we went to see the exhibit – OKC is its only US venue. Most of the paintings are from the Pompidou Centre in Paris and it’s an extraordinary exhibit.
We also found time for the Fred Jones, Jr. Museum, which has an amazing collection of impressionist work, had some terrific food and enjoyed our time together.
Jocelyn is an artist and it’s always great fun to go to an exhibit with an artist! This is a little snippet of my favorite Matisse from the exhibit.

They also have a large collection of Chihuly glass.

Special Gifts

Friends often bring me fantastic, lovely things. I collect vintage linens and sparkly brooches and people will see something that makes them think of me and pick it up. How did I get so lucky?!?!?

Recently a friend gave me this beautiful linen, and I couldn’t resist a photo of it with a cup and saucer another friend brought me from the factory in England years ago. What a perfect combo!Also this month a distant cousin I’ve yet to meet sent me a large box of vintage linens she had amassed for me. I love beautiful things – seeing them makes me grateful to be alive.

Years ago I was interviewing a religious man about stained glass and he said something that has always stuck with me – Beauty brings us closer to the divine. I’ve always thought he was absolutely right about that.

Almost every day I take a photo of something that strikes my fancy. So much beauty in the world.

Fun Bits and Pieces of Life

Sometimes life brings little fun bits and pieces and this month had many of them. Enjoy them along with me…

On July 22 we did the 6th installment of Talk20 Hutch. A friend and I organized the first one of these three years ago. We do them in January and July. Ten community members each show 20 slides and talk about each one for 20 seconds. It’s an amazing night. See videos from previous years at We’re working on this session’s videos.

The next night I went to a friend’s gathering dubbed, “Dance-O-Rama.” He loves to dance and hosted a dance party. Most of us weren’t very good dancers, but we had a good time – none of us more than him. It was a blast. There was a disco ball – I think that’s probably all that needs to be said about that!

Also this month I attended a backyard luau/concert. It was the backyard version of a house concert and a load of fun. The host told us to all wear Hawaiian clothing. Never let it be said I don’t dress the part – I ordered a “grass” skirt for the occasion.

It was a night of great music and food, and fun with friends. It was, however, incredibly hot. I will not miss that when summer is over! It did seem like the perfect occasion to go overboard with flowers in my hair!

I hope your month has been full of things that make you smile. Go check out the column when you can. It’s all about connections and how they enrich our lives – from dance parties to community gatherings.


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