Newsletter – November 2016


Always Good to Be Grateful

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This month I’m talking about the importance of friendships. Who among us has too many friends? Certainly not me.

And I share a recipe that has become a Thanksgiving tradition for us. It’s a sweet potato casserole that might as well be dessert!




Special Things

One of the websites I manage is about handwriting and another is about vintage linens. So, imagine my delight when a friend posted photos of a friendship quilt her aunt had given her. I asked for permission to share it on and she graciously agreed. I’ve found handwriting on walls and cars and books but it was a treat to see it embroidered on fabric, too.

I have some bits and pieces of a similar quilt I bought a few years ago, but this is in much better shape. Such a treasure!




Being Grateful

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to gratitude as a nation. I believe it’s so important to remain in a grateful frame of mind whenever possible.

I say this knowing that I lead a blessed life. I’m given opportunities every day to be thankful.

One of the keys to being happy is finding small things that please you. Those things can also be reminders to you of how important it is to make kind gestures to other people.

This month I had a prime example of this when I mentioned on Saturday morning that I needed an invisibility cloak. I wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market for cherry tomatoes but I didn’t want to make myself presentable. My friend Kalene piped up almost immediately and said, “I’ve got some cherry tomatoes I’ll bring you.”

In a gesture that goes beyond kindness because she has two small children, she left them on my porch. They were even sweeter than could have been expected.

I hope your days and weeks bring plenty of opportunities for happiness and reasons to be grateful.





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