Cook’s Library column in Kansas Country Living – January 2013

The beginning of year always spurs a look at the recent past and some thoughts about the next few months. I don’t make resolutions, but I do engage in some self-examination.

I look at:

  1. Projects that are in process.
  2. Projects I want to tackle in the coming year.
  3. Projects I want to do at some point, but probably not this year.
  4. Projects I like in theory, but am highly unlikely to ever do.

Every year, at least one of my notes is cookbook-related. And I’m delighted to continue to add to the collection. This month’s book is “Heavenly Delights” from Concordia. It’s a joint project of the Trinity and Huscher United Methodist Churches. It has about 600 recipes in it.

Order your copy from Trinity United Methodist Church, 128 E 8th Street, PO Box 536, Concordia, KS 66901. Cost is $18.50 and that includes shipping and handling.