Peppernut Recipes in the December 2012 Kansas Country Living Cook’s Library Column

In December’s column, I wrote about the need for a wonderful peppernut recipe. I had never even heard of these delicious little cookies until I moved to Kansas, and what a terrible thing it would have been to have missed out.

At a church sale in early November, I bought a bag of them. I should be embarrassed to tell you that I ate the entire little bag while I was running around that day. However, I am sure you understand the addictive quality of these little jewels, so I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Some readers have been kind enough to share their family recipes with me in the last day or two. I’ve not had a chance to make any yet, but I’m eager to try some out. If you have a peppernut recipe you think is the best, I’d love to have it. You can email to

I’m so eager to have my house filled with the smell of peppernuts baking!.