Bread for Day of the Dead

I love to travel and experience cultures different than my own. Of course, one way we express ourselves is through food.

Although it’s celebrated in multiple cultures, The Day of the Dead is most associated with Mexico, where it’s a national holiday. Family and friends

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gather on November 1 to pray for and remember loved ones who have died. It’s a rich tradition and I’m not sure that summation captures but the bare essence of it, but there are many places you can read more about it if you’re interested.

Private altars are built to honor the deceased, including their favorite foods and beverages. I had just attended an event that featured some Day of the Dead items when I ran across this recipe for Pan de Muertos (Bread of the Dead) online. I had to share it with you. The timing seems perfect.

Regardless of our religious or cultural traditions, remembering those we love who’ve left us is worthy of our time. We are all connected to the past and those who’ve come before.