Reader Comments

“Cook’s Library is the first and only thing I read in the magazine. It always seems like a cozy chat with a friend.” – Marilyn Husling, Ellsworth

“I love your column the best! Job well done, Patsy!” – Jan Peters, Great Bend

“I enjoy your Cook’s Library page and recipes each month in Kansas Country Living. Whenever I receive it in the mail, I flip right through it to see what recipes there are.” – Linda Crawford, Natoma

“I read Cook’s Library first. Then glance through the rest.” – Brenda Lee Cooper, Chapman

“I have always enjoyed reading your articles and how you are very honest and forthright in your views. The articles help me through my apprehension of using recipes. I enjoy the fact that your love in preparing good food comes through, and you encourage people to try different recipes. Thank you for your help as I have started to do more cooking exploration from reading your articles. I am still a ‘closet cook’ and have not moved past dabbling but I will get there with your help.” – Chuck Hacker, Ulysses

“We need more Cook’s Library with Patsy Terrell.” – Nancy Witthuhn, Bazine

“The first thing I do when I get that magazine is turn to the Cook’s Library.” – Bettye Young, Dodge City

“My husband brings Kansas Country Living home just so I can read Cook’s Library – he enjoys the recipes I try, I enjoy the musings of Patsy, and my cookbook collection enjoys additions I have purchased from around Kansas.” – Julie Kimmel, Hutchinson

“The best part of the magazine is Cook’s Library. I’ve been reading the magazine for 40 years. The back pages with Cook’s Library are the pages to go to FIRST.” – Louise Ehmke, Healy

“I’ve always enjoyed reading the Cook’s Library – my favorite part of the magazine. I look at the pictures, but yours is the only column I read. It was because of that column and your picture that accompanied it, that I recognized you at the first Big Rural Brainstorm. I’m a fan!” – Lisa Moritz, Tribune

“When Kansas Country Living arrives, I immediately find the Cook’s Library feature, as it always contains fine ‘food for thought,’ as well as good recipes. Featuring community cookbooks from around the state is a wonderful bonus.” – Sally Holiday, Liberty.