It is with great sadness that I tell you the December, 2015, column in Kansas Country Living will be my last. That marks 21 years, which is a near-miracle in publishing! The magazine is going a different direction and “Cook’s Library with Patsy” no longer fits.

But, January is always a time of new beginnings and this one is no different. In January, 2016, look for “Cook’s Library with Patsy” right here on this website, and in publications all over the state. If it’s not in your local newspaper, have them contact me and we’ll get them set up.

The list will grow as I have time to connect with more newspapers, but we’re off to a great start with some wonderful publications! Thanks for making the transition with me. “Cook’s Library with Patsy” will continue to offer recipes from cookbooks and from my personal collection.

I’ll publish here on the first of every month. Please sign up for the newsletter and I will drop you an email each month to let you know it’s online. I promise I won’t flood you with emails and I would certainly never share your info with anyone.

Thanks for coming along on this new adventure!.