Column Ideas

Column ideas come to me from all sorts of places. In the book, “The Artist’s Way,” by Julia Cameron, she says we must “fill the well” in order to have creative output. I think this is absolutely true. If we’re not bringing new ideas and concepts into our lives, we get stagnant.

I find this input from conversations, books, magazines, podcasts, and television shows when I’m at home. But one of the greatest activities for filling the well is travel. It puts us in a different state of mind, we’re more open to the people around us and the experiences we might have.

I always enjoy visiting museums and eating in interesting restaurants when I travel. Those two things, more than any others, give me new things to ponder. And from that comes column ideas, as well as artwork, and other writing. It also just keeps me in a creative frame of mind. You never know what might come from that!.