Happy Easter

I hope your Easter preparations are well underway! This is what I’ve managed to accomplish today in preparation for tomorrow’s holiday meal. I’m doing the very thing I advise people not to do and trying a new recipe. It looks very good. I hope it proves to be good.

I confess sometimes I have issues with pecan pies being watery. This recipe requires some advance cooking of some of the ingredients before baking. I’m hoping that addressed the problem. After all, I am a southern girl, and it’s really an awful sin to not be able to turn out a perfect pecan pie every time. I trust you’ll keep my ugly secret that I’ve had problems in the past.

The problem, I think, is that I’ve overcooked them. Because pecan pie is largely a custard, if you overcook the eggs, they get watery. I think I’ve been making that mistake. I took this one out at the appointed time. If it worked well, I will share the recipe here. If it didn’t, I’ll just consider this a cautionary tale about using recipes you’re not familiar with when you’re cooking for other people.

Regardless, I hope your pecan pies and other goodies turn out perfectly and that you have a blessed and Happy Easter!