Merry Christmas to Me!

Readers have been so generous with their peppernut recipes. I have read them all and am working my way through. I just love the family stories that are attached to them! That’s one of the magical things about food, it’s rarely about the food itself, but what it represents.

Today, in addition to a recipe I received in the mail, I got a box of peppernuts on my porch from Prairie Harvest in Newton. Oh my! Well, the only thing I disagree with them about regarding these peppernuts is how large a serving should be. Delicious!

Thank you all so much for sharing your recipes with me. Maybe by next Christmas I will have made so many I will be able to consume them at a normal rate, like a normal person. I’m just going to say that I don’t think it’s an accident all these recipes make LOTS of them.

I hope you have a spectacular Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. I enjoy this time of year when the holidays follow each other quickly, beginning with Halloween and ending with New Year’s. But Christmas time is my favorite part of the year. Have a great holiday!