New Cookbooks to Love

Sarah Bagby, owner of Watermark Books in Wichita

Recently I attended a Cookbook Trunk Show at Watermark Books in Wichita. I’m so happy to live within a relatively short drive of a great bookstore. It was great to get a look at some of the new cookbooks coming out.

I wasn’t sure what one does at such an event, but it was cool. Different staff members shared a bit about various cookbooks being released this season, and what they particularly loved about them.

I’m sure you can guess how much I LOVE this embroidered apron!

There were about 20 people in attendance. It was open to the public, so you might keep an eye out for future events if you’re nearby. It was a nice way to spend a little time on a Saturday afternoon.

We were also fortunate enough that they served samples from some of the books. Yum! I ordered one book for a gift, but there are others I’m certainly coveting. I’ll put some links to them below.

As you might guess, I love cookbooks and am always looking to add some new ones to the shelves. There were plenty there I’d like to add, but I must show some amount of restraint. Must!

I encourage you to shop at your local bookstores and support them. If you don’t live where you can do that, I understand. But, whenever possible, please support local stores. They not only give you opportunities for events like this, but have expert staff on hand to answer questions.

These were some of my favorites mentioned:

This was one of the cookbooks I especially loved – “The Science of Good Cooking” from the folks at “Cook’s Illustrated.” It’s one I can tell I would refer to over and over again.

I love to bake and make candy. It would be great to expand my repertoire a bit with this cookbook.

Lidia’s in Kansas City is wonderful. She also has a restaurant in New York. Would love to try that one, too!

This is from a blogger. I’m not familiar with it, but need to check it out. They suggested this would be a very popular book this holiday season.