New Delineator Recipes Book

I’m always on the look out for old cookbooks. Not only do I enjoy the recipes, but I love the photographs that area a little peek into how life was in another time.

At the flea market today I bought this book from 1929. It’s the “New Delineator Recipes” book from Butterick Publishing Company. I paid fifty cents for it, and was happy to do so. However, I see I could have enjoyed it for free online. It’s available at the Public Library. Of course, I didn’t know the book existed until I spotted it today at the flea market.

The copy here says, “The social life of a household centers about its dining-table, and every accessory that builds the table-picture furthers the art of gracious living. This illustration shows one cover correctly set, in the dining room of the Delineator Home Institute.” I wish we had a little bit more of that in today’s world.

I love the photographs, and was amused to see the word, “Vegetarian,” used in this 1929 book. I had the impression that was a more recent word, but obviously it has been around for awhile.